Pride and Glory: The Peloponnesian War Historical Battles

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Pride and Glory: The Peloponnesian War Historical Battles is a collection of 8 battles from the war between Athens and Sparta. From the “cold war”crisis of Tanagra (457 BC), to the battle for the beaches at Pylos and Sphacteria (425 BC), to the Athenian disaster in Sicily (415 BC), test your mettle in the fires of combat and reshape history.

This collection is meant as an expansion to the main Pride and Glory: The Peloponnesian War experience,  so it requires the original game to play. In this pack you get 6 beautifully illustrated battlefield maps, a full color rulebook which details the historical context of each battle and the gameplay scenario, and 66 game pieces to add to those from the original game.

With this purchase you receive a digital PDF file containing the rulebook, battle maps, and game pieces so you can print, assemble, and begin playing within minutes!

The battles included in this collection are:

  • Tanagra (457 BC)
  • Pylos (425 BC)
  • Sphacteria (425 BC)
  • Delium (424 BC)
  • Amphipolis (422 BC)
  • Mantinea (418 BC)
  • Anapus (415 BC)
  • Assinarus (413 BC)

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