Pride and Glory: The Peloponnesian War

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Pride and Glory: The Peloponnesian War is an epic game of combat, conquest, diplomacy and destruction set during a war in Ancient Greece. Players take control of Athens and Sparta, the two leading cities at the time, and recruit units, construct buildings, capture cities, conduct diplomacy, and try to become the masters of all Greece!

Pride and Glory uses a revolutionary game system that allows players to control their empire from a full campaign perspective, and then control their soldiers on the battlefield in tactical, unit-by-unit combat. Players fight to gain Glory Points by expanding their empire, winning allies, and being victorious in battle. Whichever player is the first to gain 75 Glory Points wins the game and becomes the leader of Greece!

Each copy of the game comes with a beautifully illustrated campaign map, four highly detailed battlefield maps, seventy-two strategic and information cards, over three hundred game pieces, and a forty-page fully illustrated rule book.

Complete game contents:

• Campaign Map

• 4 Battle Maps

• 72 Athenian Units

• 72 Spartan Units

• 10 Neutral Units

• 50 Improvement Tokens

• 1 Season Marker

• 2 Glory Point Markers

• 5 Besieged/Blockade Markers

• 10 Rallied/Retreat Markers

• 12 Food Tokens

• 36 Talent Tokens

• 12 Vassal Markers

 • 10 Engaged Markers

• 2 Revolt Markers

• 10 Moved/Hit Markers

• 1 Battle Marker

• 25 Numbered Counters

• 10 Dice

• 36 City Cards

• 4 Information Cards

• 32 Event Cards

• 40 Page Full Color Rulebook

• Links to Online Resources

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