About us

Pablo Guevara


The end of the 90's was when I learned about board games and was LOVE at first sight. Being a student of systems by that time was a great way to disconnect from the "crazy fast world". Then life took me to the technical areas and currently I am the technical manager of one of the most prestigious pipe companies in Argentina. Clash of Armies is a project that has been on the table since 2016 and we thought it was time to make it known. And Poncho is my offer to help designers who are in various stages of design and many times the amount of items does not allow them to advance in the design. Specialist in Illustration with Sticks 😀

Luis Rodriguez LLopis


Argentinean, currently living in Buenos Aires. Born in 1985, freelance digital illustrator. His passion for fantastic stories, role-playing games and comics introduced him to the world of art at an early age. Recent father, agronomist engineer and Calisthenics instructor

Emmanuel Bou Roldán


Artist with more than 10 years of professional experience, but a lifetime among pencils, brushes and illustrations. You could say that I am a child, in the body of a bigger child =)... a dreamer, always travelling between medieval worlds, of fantasy and between creatures of all kinds. In the years that I have been illustrating professionally, I have participated in more than 30 projects between games and books, contributing to them more than 500 illustrations

Walter Bou


Graphic Designer, Faculty of Art and Design, U.N.Cuyo Mendoza. Since 1985 he has been working independently on design and illustration for publishing houses, advertising agencies, design studios and newspapers.

¿Donde estamos?

We are from here, Argentina, however, today we are going around the world. Because the world became small, it became universal and in that world we have many things to do. Today Poncho is in Argentina, but also in the United States and Spain. And if we have to be somewhere else we will be, because today our borders are no longer geographic, but emotional, mental and unlimited. 

So if you need us to be somewhere else, we can be. As the song of the beatles says, Here, There and Everywhere. Here, There and Everywhere.


¿Que podemos hacer?

Everything, Absolutely everything that is needed to develop a board game is at our disposal and therefore we make it available to anyone who wants to help. Some games are simple. The human being has the ability with 5 stones to make a challenging game. 

But many times the components are not simple stones, but the games can be more and more complex. So complex that many times great ideas from great designers give up on one point because they can’t continue.

That’s where we can act as a spare wheel and if the product interests us, we can accompany the design of the game. If you have an idea and you think that with help you can carry it out, contact us without any obligation and WITH ABSOLUTE RESERVATION. We will be able to help you carry out the idea. 

If we do it for our games, why can't we do it for yours?
Pablo Guevara

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